“I adore Dorothy. She’s direct enough, real enough and has “been there/done that” enough for me to trust her. Working with her has made a huge difference in how I show up and how I approach challenges and opportunities, both at work and personally. Unlike other coaches I’ve worked with, who stay largely in the realm of theory, Dorothy gets into specifics, and she isn’t afraid to have the candid conversations in order to get to what is personal and actionable. With Dorothy, I’ve gotten to work on exactly on how I’m showing up as a leader, how I’m managing stress, and how I’m demonstrating courage, for example. The fundamental difference being that I’m not just learning about the theory of leadership or of courage, I’m practicing it in real-time, and feeling what it feels like, which is a concrete path to lasting change and results.”
– Erin M., SVP, Chief Content Officer, Leading Telco Organization

“Dorothy, an outstanding executive coach, made me feel extremely comfortable from the start. Her openness and radical candor pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She helped improve my leadership presence, while empowering me to discover my true potential as a leader, which has been truly invaluable!”
-Kelly Pratt, VP Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Fortune 100 Software Solutions Company

“I am very grateful for the executive coaching you have done. It’s been a benefit to not only the staff member, but to my organization and to the strategy team, so we are all winners. “
-Daniel, SVP Strategy and Wholesale, TMT Sector

“As an executive coach, Dorothy supported my positive transformation by increasing my ability to make realistic assessments of my unique value as well as increasing my confidence to move on to a more senior and challenging leadership role. Dorothy’s team coaching allowed us to develop a clarified vision and brand for our department. Each team member was coached to better understand her or his strengths and communication preferences, making us a stronger and more cohesive team.”
– Dorie B. Clay, Director of Student Life and Development, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

“Dorothy was instrumental in helping me to understand those elements of my leadership style that hindered my organization’s success and those that should be amplified. She provided actionable strategies for body and mind that could be quickly and easily deployed for immediate results and helped me to modulate my implementation to maximum effect. I would strongly recommend Dorothy to any executive looking for straightforward, memorable and specific ways to make themselves more effective.”
– Vice President and General Counsel of a division of a Global Software Solutions Company.

“Dorothy served as my guide through a journey of professional self-discovery. She helped me pinpoint key areas of strength and weaknesses in growing my executive presence. She encouraged me to be bold, take more risks, and show-up authentically as myself. Dorothy held me accountable for following through on our business plan and pushing me to take actions that were outside of my comfort zone. I am a better leader having had executive coaching with Dorothy and I have seen the immediate benefits to my career.”
-Luis, Consumer Strategy Director, Telecommunications

“Dorothy is the real deal! She was instrumental in helping me get “unstuck”. She allowed me to talk through my professional goals and aspirations then challenged me to break through to what I really wanted. She helped me understand not only how I would get to where I wanted to be, but why I wanted to go there. She is smart, ethical and confident in what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking something more out of their career.”
– Larry B. Martin, Director of The Black Male Empowerment Center, Medgar Evers College/CUNY

“Dorothy is a highly skilled executive coach. I started working with Dorothy two years ago, and it has been a transformational experience. She guided me through a job change, and helped me transition successfully to a higher level executive role. Through partnering with Dorothy, my leadership skills have grown significantly. She helped me build my assertiveness and communication skills, so that I would have the tools to better manage challenging conversations. I have become more effective with spearheading a team, and getting the best from the people that I manage. I learned new strategies for enhancing my influence and personal effectiveness. In short, through working with Dorothy, I have developed a strong new foundation for my leadership and growth.”
– Leanna Yip Executive Director, Communications and Public Relations

“Your participation on the Public and Intergovernmental Engagement Team (PIE Team) call helped us immensely. Thank you very much for the outstanding job you did facilitating the PIE Team Workshop. Your ability to quickly build a rapport with the team made for a productive and enjoyable workshop. Your challenging us to “unpack” our ideas to layout precisely those things that could enhance our public and outreach efforts was most helpful. The tremendous progress made on the PIE Team vision and mission statements along with the invaluable advice regarding things we can do to be more efficient in our respective roles exceeded our expectations”
– Tony Carter, U.S. Department of Energy Team Lead

“Working with Dorothy Doppstadt over the last three years to develop a new professional path has been some of the most rewarding personal growth I have ever done. From the onset of our working relationship, Dorothy tested and evaluated my skill-sets with helpful analytics and personal assignments. She was able to determine through candid conversations that I desired to be a leader in new media and worked with me to develop actionable tasks that challenged me in new ways and changed my perception about management and professional demeanor. She helped me change my short sightedness and emphasized growth for the long term with real strategy. I can confidentially say that I now approach everyday with a freshness and ease with a can-do attitude. I now manage a team of 10 people to develop daily content and big media campaigns for written segments, video features and cable TV.”
– Marina Garcia-Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief at Artsey

“Dorothy Doppstadt delivers value. She has the business acumen and coaching experience to look at the all the factors and recommend ways to achieve the highest impact. She put me on a fast track to success with perfect timing. Best of all I was able to learn new communications skills that will serve me well into the future.”
– Claudia Colbert, former Executive Director, Program Management, Queens College/CUNY

“Dorothy Doppstadt, Executive and Organizational Coach, is one of the best personal and professional investments I could have ever made. My only regret is that I had not discovered the value of executive coaching early in my career. Her staff development workshop as a facilitator was insightful and dynamic. She reenergized everyone, and we became purposefully intentional and more knowledgeable about our strengths as individuals and as a team. She added value to our goals. I highly recommend Dorothy as a coach, workshop facilitator, public speaker or career consultant. She is skillful at what she does! This is a woman you want “rooting” for you.”
– Dr. Janice M. Borlandoe, Former College Vice President

“Dorothy would not let me fail; she was able to help me realize behaviors which where self-sabotaging and helped me develop techniques to overcome them. She helped me discover different ways of seeing and doing things, which were sometimes right in front of me. Slowly, people were relating to me differently. I knew there was a major change in how I was conducting and leading myself when the Senior Director announced his support for me as the Associate Director. I am looking forward to re-contracting with Dorothy to continue growing and developing.”
– Chris Singh, Associate Director of Recreation, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY

“Dorothy helped me recalibrate my compass, and reframe my story. She gave me permission to explore, test, and challenge my established boundaries. Through a series of targeted evaluations and exercises, and with her guided wisdom, I was able to more clearly define my professional purpose. I believe that uncovering one’s passion is an evolutionary (often lifelong) process , and Dorothy provided me with the tools to truly begin to unearth my inner potential. I am grateful for, and proud of the life changing work we have done together. I recommend Dorothy to any and all who are searching for a more fulfilling professional path.”
– Ellen, Licensed Master Social Worker

“Dorothy is amazing. I worked with her during my career transition where she made me realize how powerful my mindset is for decision making. Dorothy has a unique process, combining a cognitive approach involving resume creation along with different assessments providing objective information. She helped me deepen my understanding of my true values to create a fulfilling life and career for myself. I have never felt such excitement for my future career.”
– Yolanda De Campo, Developer & Architect

“When it comes to “being a more effective leader” it’s not easy to answer “so, what do I do differently?” If you are struggling with that question, then Dorothy Doppstadt is the right coach to engage. Dorothy is an energetic, analytical and perceptive coach. She is an active listener who will quickly pinpoint your blind spots – strength or weakness. She will see the world through your point of view and ask thought provoking questions leading to “so, what do I do differently?” answers: I am more effective and confident leader because of Dorothy. You will be too.”
– Vice President, Strategic Marketing

“Dorothy was my leadership and professional development coach for 6 months. In that time, she coached me to secure a promotion, increase pay, and gain recognition amongst top leadership at my company. I would highly recommend Dorothy as a coach for anyone who is looking to succeed in a fast-paced, competitive workplace environment.”
– Christopher S., UR + Ecosystem Manager, Universal Robots