Take Control of Your Career

All you need is a desire for change and the proper tools and techniques to make it happen.

The right career for you

Transitioning careers. Getting out of a dead-end job. Re-entering a new and different job market. These types of changes can feel confusing and overwhelming. But with the right strategy, you can overcome any of them.


Through a combination of proven assessments and inquiring dialogue, we’ll identify your key strengths, skills, and accomplishments as we clarify your career objectives and the steps you’ll take to reach them. Together we’ll create a target list of viable career options just for you.

Win the hiring game

What can be said in two-minutes? Everything it takes to effectively pitch your audience. Your pitch becomes your compass. It guides you as you write winning resumes, cover letters, and optimized Linkedin profiles that get noticed by hiring managers.

Together, we’ll use proven methodologies to help you jump-start a new career or get the position you’ve always wanted.

You’ll learn how to have effective informational meetings and to unleash the power of artful networking. We’ll rehearse your interviewing skills for digital and face-to-face meetings and then develop follow-up techniques guaranteed to get a response. Finally, you’ll learn the secrets to negotiating higher salaries and benefit packages that are aligned with your needs. If at this point in your job campaign you get multiple offers, don’t be surprised—it happens often.

I work with clients in person, over the phone, or via Skype.